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Our history
Marcel Baey, tradition since 1948.
1948 |

The Marcel Baey Company was created in 1948 by Mr. Marcel Baey. The latter decides with his wife to start smoking herring. Indeed this fish is caught in quantity at that time in Boulogne-Sur-Mer. It’s a risky bet. However, it draws on the strong demand of the post-war Parisian market and of course the effect of the 30 glorious years. Very quickly, the business flourished and Mr. Baey was also involved in life in Boulogne through the Tennis club, the union and many other activities.

1980 |

In the 1980s, The company embarked on the traditional smoking of Atlantic salmon from Jewish cuisine in eastern countries. At the time, it was still wild and cutting techniques were still in their infancy.

1990 |

The company became a major player in salmon smoking until the 1990s. Other companies then came to compete with it, and Marcel Baey then concentrated on a clientele of Wholesalers, restaurateurs and fishmongers in search of quality products. The success of his company, “Marcel” owes it in particular to his competent staff and holder of an ancestral know-how of seafood products and also to his close collaborators and become partners that are Anne-marie Boutillier, Jean-Louis Couvois and Paul Legrand.

2013 |​

The company was taken over in 2013 by Monika Siecińska-Jaworowska. This relies on the teams in place and heirs to the Boulonnais salting techniques and trained in part by the “old generation”, thus making it possible to keep the link with its roots.


Always in search of an authentic and qualitative product, but keeping the pioneering spirit of the 80s, the company is modernizing by taking into account the challenges of the 21 st century both in human and environmental terms.