Our expertise

Since 1948 our teams have been passing the gestures and knowledge to get a natural and authentic product.

The MARCEL BAEY know-how is based on the mastery of key stages:



For many years we have been developping a strong relation-ship with our suppliers (buyers in Norway, fish farms …). Thanks to our expertise, we select the best quality.
100% of our raw-material is approved by colleagues who are especially trained and entitled.

Le salage de nos saumons


We have chosen to salt our smoked salmon with dry salt for a better texture and an optimal preservation.
Salt is our only preservative. We do not use any additive.
Year by year we have optimized the salting time to get a perfect balance between salt, smoking and the quality of our salmon.

Le fumage de nos saumons


The subtle and aromatic taste of Marcel Baey salmon is due to a slow combustion and a soft smoking with beech wood sawdust.
Our smoking specialists smoke our salmon filets on demand, either horizontally or vertically.
Smoking technique with a rope (vertically) is more homogeneous and gives a smooth texture.

L'affinage de nos saumons


Ripening means that salmon will start its maturation period during which it will rest and develop its aromas.

Le conditionnement de nos saumons


Our expert teams respect the process for each salmon.
We propose different packaging, on demand : non-sliced filets, hand-sliced or machine-sliced filets.
By manual slicing, the skilled men and women of Marcel Baey team bring care and delicacy to the product. This quality can never be reached by a machine.

Saumons fumés Marcel Baey